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Meetings: a formal aspect
Полилог в деловом общении
Meeting as business interaction
Деловое общение
Речевые функции участников делового совещания
Family Business: если времени мало, а надо принимать участие в совещании
Simon Winetroube about business meetings

Функции, осуществляемые председателем и участниками на деловом совещании, и их речевое воплощение.

1. Chairperson: Opening the meeting

(функция: привлечение внимания, установление контакта с участниками, собственного авторитета, регламента и стиля совещания, предоставление слова первому выступающему)

1. OK, we’ll get started then, shall we? 1

2. You’ve all received my memo, so you know I want to discuss the question of staff morale. 2

3. You’ve all seen the agenda. 38

4. On the agenda, you’ll see there are three items. 39

5. There is one item to discuss. 40

6. The background to the problem is the following. 43

7. The point we have to understand is that the situation demands immediate action. 41

8. This issue is about discipline. 42

9. Right, here’s first proposal. 12

10. Right, Patricia, perhaps you’d give us your opinion first. 3

11. Tell us about it, Frank. 6

12. I’m drafting some proposals for greening the office and I’d like your opinion, Maria. 10

13. Would you like to start, James? 21

14. Can we hear from Mr. Smith about this? 44

2. Chairperson: Controlling the meeting

(обеспечение связности и последовательности обсуждения)

а) moving along the agenda

15. Yes, sure, go ahead. 11

16. OK. Next one then. 15

17. Right. So OK. Now let’s move on to the next point. 24

18. OK, thanks. 26

19. Let’s move on to the next point. 50

20. Can we go to the next item on the agenda? 34

21. We need to look at some other points. 78

22. Later we’ll hear a report on this. 73

b) handling interruptions

23. Let Stefan finish please Max.29

24. Can we leave that to another discussion? 65

25. That’s not really relevant at this stage. 64

26. Yes, go ahead. 59

27. Er, we can’t talk about this. 45

c) welcoming comments and opinions

28.You’ve got a point here. Do we all agree? 32

29. What are your views on that? 13

30. How do you feel about that? 17

31. What do you think about that? 19

32. What are your views? 22

33. Any comments? 52

34. Any reaction to that? 53

35. Is that OK? 72

3. Chairperson: Summarizing

(функция: подвести итог обсуждения или какой-то его части)

36. Can I summarize this? You mean… 47

37. So, the main point is this. 48

38. So, we’ve decided… 51

39. I’d like to go over the decisions we’ve taken. 77

40. So what you are saying is this. 46

41. We’ll meet again next month. 79

4. Participant: Asking for clarification

(функция: уточнить понятие или выдвигаемое положение)

42. What are you getting at, Jonathan? 5

43. I don’t understand your point. Can you explain it a bit more clearly? 35

44. Excuse me, can I ask for clarification? 54

45. If I interrupt, could you say that again please? 55

46. Could you be more specific? 66

47. What do you mean by USP? 67

5. Participant: Giving clarification

(функция: переформулировать идею или объяснить понятие)

48. What I mean is the idea is totally wrong. 68

49. What I want to say is we need much more. 69

50. To explain this in more detail… 71

6. Participant: Agreeing

(функция: выразить согласие, поддержку)

51. Very well. 4

52. OK then. 7

53. True. 16

54. I agree with you on that. 20

40. OK with me. 33

55. I see. 37

7. Participant: Disagreeing

(функция: выражение несогласия)

56. That does not seem very fair to me. 8

57. You could be right but … I doubt it somehow. 9

58. Hmm… I am afraid I don’t think that’s a very good idea. 14

59. Oh dear. I am sorry to be so negative but I don’t think it’s a very good idea either. 18

60. I really can’t agree with you there. 25

61. I don’t think that works. 28

62. I am just not happy about this proposal. 30

63. Yes, that’s true I suppose, but… 27

64. Do you think so? My impression is quite different. 57

65. What? That’s impossible. 58

66. I don’t want to comment on that. 36

8. Participant: Interrupting

(функция: попытка внести существенное дополнение или возражение вне очереди)

67. Sorry to interrupt but… 56

68. Can I just say something? 23

9. Participant: Handling interruptions.

(функция: попытка закончить собственную мысль и восстановить очередность выступающих)

69. Sorry, please let me finish. 60

70. If I may finish my point. 61

71. Can I come to that later? 62

10. Participant: Stating ideas

(функция: настаивание на собственном мнении)

72. This means it doesn’t work. 70

73. There’s no alternative to launching a new product. 63

74. I hope we are not going to have a vote about this. 31

11. Participant: postponing the decision

(функция: внесения предложения об откладывании принятия решения)

75. I think we need more time to consider this. 74

76. I think we should postpone a decision. 75

77. It would be wrong to make a final decision. 76

78. Can we go on to think about this? 49